Norwin Area Community Projects Celebrates First Year

Our generous community pulled together to help those in need. In 2020, Norwin Area Democrats were watching our community struggle during the pandemic. We asked what we could do to help. We contacted several organizations in direct contact with those in need and provided financial support. Others in our community were also searching for ways to help. With our help organizing events, we could help more people than everyone searching on their own.

We chose to organize these events under the name, Norwin Area Community Outreach because helping our community should not be political.

For Christmas of 2020, we raised money and Christmas gifts for local families in need. In January of 2021, we participated in a Day of Service, for Martin Luther King Day. The event started as making gift bags for recipients of Meals on Wheels and collecting socks, gloves and hats for the homeless. We asked everyone we knew to help. We posted on social media, posted flyers in the area and the phone started to ring. People asked what else they could donate. We reached out to five homeless shelters and gathered lists of the most needed items. Paper products, pillows, clothing, and hygiene items were at the top of their list. We received so many items it took volunteers a week to organize the items. We sent five van loads of donations to the shelters.

It hasn't slowed down. We teamed up with Salsa Sam's and sent meals to frontline workers at the Westmoreland Food Bank, McKeesport Police Station, North Huntingdon Police Station, Irwin Police Station, our local libraries and Norwin School District maintenance and cleaning staff.

In August, we setup a homemade ethnic food booth to raise money to buy children new shoes for school. We sent 52 local students to school in new shoes.

This Christmas, we picked 32 children from Big Brother and Big Sister of Laurel Region's Angel Tree and our community to fulfill wishes. We asked people in our community to purchase an item from the child's wish list valued from 25 to 50 dollars. The children had two lists, one  for clothing and shoes and a second for toys and games, Every name was picked in 24 hours!  After the names were picked, an anonymous donor offered to purchase every child a second gift. We received hundreds of dollars in donations and gift cards. We were just amazed by the generosity of our community. Then we started to receive the items from the "Angels". It was shocking. Every child received numerous items from their list. With the extra donations, every child received every item they wished for, aside from a few hard-to-find items or sizes who received the gift cards for those items.


We are already planning for a Day of Service for Martin Luther King Day in 2022 and expect our community to be even more generous this year.


We not only want to thank every single person who donated their money or time, but we also want to thank every organization we asked for help. Not one even hesitated to help their community! Salsa Sam's for allowing us to help feed front line workers, Norwin Public Library for allowing a drop box, Westmoreland Food Bank for sending out flyers, Busy Beaver of North Huntingdon for allowing our ethnic food booth, Big Brother and Big Sister of Laurel Region for creating the Angel Tree and the five local shelters for helping organize the most needed donations.  

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2021 Angel Tree Donations!