by Eric Falk

I want to thank all the Norwin Area Democrats, each of you, for all you have done and continue to do, whether it is literature drops, phone banking, text banking, driving, putting up signs, coming to our meetings, letters to the editor, making donations, etc., etc. Each of your efforts, however small they may seem to you (and they are not small!!),  contribute to what Robert Kennedy called the "ripple of hope". Each of you, in what you do and in what you did, sends out a ripple, and that ripple joins all the other ripples, to create the larger wave that brings us hope for our future, for ourselves, our families, our community, and our nation. Each of you continues to amaze me.

We must remember that the challenge that confronts all Americans--the challenge that indeed IS America---is to understand that this country has always been a grand experiment, an attempt to create the first universal nation. Today, living up to that ideal means embracing all kinds of people--Black, and White, Native-Born and Immigrant, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and political beliefs. The experiment that is America is a messy process, and it can seem disruptive and disorderly. It sometimes gets bogged down in squabbles caused by the friction and heat that is created when our differences rub against one another. But it is all part of a noble effort to ensure that everyone in this country finally feels they are included in the American Dream. Ever since the nation's birth, it has gradually expanded the idea of liberty and democracy, making America great by surging forward into the future rather than lapsing back into nostalgia for the past.

This is what Norwin Area Democrats work towards and will continue to work towards. 

Attention All Norwin Area Democrats:

In these political times, popularity has it's price. Norwin Area Democrats were part of a collective hack recently.

Several of you received numerous emails with a suspicious attachment. First, our data was not compromised and they do not have your information from our database. Please delete any emails missing a subject line or with a strange attachment. We do not send emails with attachments! The issue is resolved and we hope that they will not try again.Very proud to have such motivated members that have made us popular enough to be the focus of hackers!

We apologize for the inconvenience this caused you.

Now, back to the campaign trail...


The recent Facebook posts of Norwin School Board member Bob Wayman are laden with hate-filled words. While people can agree to disagree on topics and issues, his statements go beyond political differences. His statements spew such anger, disrespect, hatred and violence that no political party, governmental body or any individual should endorse, support or defend his statements. His expressions of hate and encouragement of violence are directed toward certain groups of people, and needless today, members of our own Norwin community are members of such groups. Those views cannot be tolerated and this is especially true when these statements are expressed by a person who sits on a body charged with directing the education of our children.

Norwin Democrats appreciate that Board President Brian Carlton has stated that Mr. Wayman's views are not the words and views of the School Board and that the Board denounces those views. We believe the Board President when he says that such words have not directed or influenced policies adopted by the School Board concerning the re-opening of our schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Carlton further stated that Mr. Wayman's posts have been provided to the School District Solicitor. Norwin Democrats believe that the Solicitor should investigate and examine these statements, particularly to ascertain whether Mr. Wayman has posted other statements expressing similar views or worse. While we understand the constraints of the law and that his removal is not within the jurisdiction of the Board at this time, we also understand the negative attention these posts have brought to our school district and the lack of trust and respect that they invoke in the community, and the decided lack of comfort raised by students, teachers and citizens of Norwin with those views.

We vigorously defend a person's right of freedom of political speech, even if we may disagree with those statements. But freedom of speech does not mean freedom from responsibility. Mr. Wayman is in a position of public trust. He must be held responsible for his words and for publicly displaying such offensive and hurtful messages.

©2019 by Norwin Area Democrats.