North Huntingdon Commissioner's Meeting Held on December 16, 2020 

North Huntingdon Township's Board of Commissioner's are refusing to abide by indoor gathering limits established December 10, 2020 by Governor Wolf, according to an article published in the Norwin Star December 12, 2020. Commissioner meetings are to be held the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm and are open to the public. Wolf's new limits of 10 people are not sufficient for the seven commissioners, their solicitor, the township secretary and manager, and various authority heads, let alone the public. After a suggestion by Manager Jeff Silka to hold those meetings via Zoom for the safety of all the above as well as the public, President Zachary Haggis said, "If they (residents) want to come, let them come and speak". Commissioner Ronald Zona offered that Wolf's mandates are "unenforceable", followed by Solicitor Bruce Dice stating, "I'd pack the place. I think the guy (Wolf) is out of his mind".

  During a time when Covid-19 cases and deaths have skyrocketed, the NHT Commissioners choose to continue meeting in an unsafe environment, thus reducing or eliminating the presence of members of the public. Such a disrespect for science and state guidelines to keep residents safe apparently is politically motivated, as all seven of the commissioners are republicans. Additionally, the commissioners previously prohibited the police department from enforcing any of Wolf's mandates, resulting in some business owners ignoring dining-in restrictions, the use of face masks and distancing, and even greater spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Three commissioners' terms expire December 31, 2021: Zachary Haggis (Ward 2); Brian Blasko (Ward 4); and, Fran Bevan (Ward 6). The remaining four have terms expiring December 31, 2023: Virginia Stump (Ward 1); Jason Atwood (Ward 3); Ronald Zona (Ward 5); and Eric Gass (Ward 7). Their decisions as they relate to Covid-19 are hurting residents, the schools, and businesses as they make a mockery of Governor Wolf's attempts to reduce the spread. Please keep this in mind if you are thinking of making a run for office, and while voting.

Please contact your TWP commissioners about their actions and lack of concern for the residents of North Huntingdon.

                                                        -Diana Gray

Ward 1  Virginia Stump Vice-President


Ward 2  Zachary Haigis President



Ward 3  Jason Atwood


Ward 4   Brian Blasko



Ward 5   Ronald Zona


Ward 6  Fran Bevan



Ward 7  Eric Gass



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