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                                by George Weaver

Here is Trump's timeline for the (as he calls it) "spectacular" job he has done during the pandemic.

Nov. 2016- Obama warned Trump of future super viruses. He informed him about the National Pandemic Response Team that was used to combat Ebola, Sars and Swine Flu etc.

Dec. 2016- During transition period, Obama officials handed the Pandemic Playbook to Trump citing the necessity of being prepared for a contagion. Of course,  Trump threw it in the trash hoping to impress his staff.

Jan. 2017- Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the U.S. was unprepared for a pandemic.

2017 & 2018- Both years the World Threat Assessment issued annually by the U.S. Intelligence warned that new types of microbes were easily transmissible through humans and that a new virus was a major threat.

Nov. 2018- The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board cautioned a "real pandemic" that could potentially kill hundreds of thousands of people was reported.

Nov. 2018- A classified report by the National Center for Medical Intelligence raised concern about a potential new virus.

Jan. 2019- Trump disbands Obama's Pandemic Response Team ( It was Obama's team made up of the countries most respected doctors and scientists). No doubt, Jared Kushner and Pence know more than those experts who had worked together on the team for 8 years.

Nov. 2019- Trump warned by WHO (World Health Organization) of eminent pandemic and advised stockpiling of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like masks, gowns, gloves, swabs, ventilators, respirators, etc.

Dec. 2019-Second warning from WHO.

Jan. 1-5, 2020- Trump at Mar-a-lago

Jan. 9, 2020- CDC issued first alert.

Jan. 9, 2020- Trump rally in Toledo.

Jan. 13, 2020- Trump at NCAA Football Championship

Jan. 14, 2020- Trump rally in Milwaukee


Jan. 20, 2020- First of Coronavirus in U.S.

Jan. 22, 2020- Trump said "we have it totally under control. This is nothing to worry about."

Jan.23, 2020- Trump at his Doral Gold Course for meeting or Republican National Committee.

Jan. 25, 2020-Trump on TV saying "we'll shut this down quickly."

Jan. 27, 2020- Trump- "the risk to Americans will be very low."

Jan. 28, 2020- Trump rally in Wildwood NJ where he declared "the  coronavirus is the NEW DEMOCRATIC HOAX."

Jan. 29, 2020- Trump- "We are closing our country air travel from China", which was a lie since over 40,000 Americans have been going to and from China.

Jan. 29, 2020- Trump- "We are at about 15 cases and will be down to 5 and 0." This is the time that tracking and testing would have saved 90% of all U.S. coronavirus deaths.

Jan. 30, 2020- Trump rally at Drake University in Iowa.

Jan. 31, 2020- Golf at Mar-a-lago.

This next fact is VERY IMPORTANT! In both Jan. and Feb. detailed reports of threats were included over a dozen times in Trump's DAILY BRIEFINGS.


Jan. 31, 2020- Peter Navarro, Trump's trade advisor, wrote "the lack of PPE would leave Americans defenseless in the case of a coronavirus full-blown outbreak."


Feb. 1-2, 2020- Trump at Super Bowl party at Mar-a-lago and golfing


Feb. 3, 2020-U.S. Army briefing to Trump projected that a least 100,00 Americans would die.


Feb. 4, 2020- 11 confirmed cases in U.S.

Feb. 7, 2020- Rally in Boston

Feb.13, 2020-Trump visits office of Republican National Committee

Feb. 15, 2020- Trump golfs at West Palm Beach

Feb. 16, 2020- Trump at Daytona 500 as grand marshall

Feb. 18, 2020- Trump fundraiser in Beverly Hills

Feb. 19, 2020- Trump fundraiser in Palm Springs

Feb. 19, 2020- Trump rally in las Vegas, NV

Feb. 21, 2020- Trump rally in Motera Cricket Stadium, India

Feb. 25, 2020- CDC official Nancy Messonier warned that a coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. was inevitable

Feb. 28, 2020- Trump rally in Charleston, SC. Trump again said virus was a new  DEMOCRATIC HOAX

March3, 2020- Trump suggests using a strong flu vaccine because he felt it was nothing more than the flu. Also, he held a Fox News Town Hall in Scranton, PA.

March 4, 2020- Trump said "most people will have this virus at a very slow level. They probably won't even have to see a doctor."

March 6, 2020- Trump said "The coronavirus came out of nowhere."

March 7-8, 2020- Trump golfing at West Palm Beach.

March 10, 2020-Trump said" anyone who wants a test will get it."

March 11, 2020- WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic

March 11, 2020- Trump's infamous oval office evening "meltdown" when it appeared that his baby sitters doubled-up on his Adderall medication.

March 12, 2020- Trump- "We have only 32 deaths but other countries have more. Nobody could do the job I'm doing."

March 13, 2020-Trump declares a national emergency but "I'm in total control. I'm dong a job nobody else could do."

March 16, 2020- White House releases social distancing guidelines.

March 17, 2020- Trump- "The rest of the world is having real problems but we are doing such an incredible job that we are in total control. I knew it was a pandemic before any other country did." South Korea had their first cade on Jan. 20 ( same day as U.S.)

March 22, 2020- Trump said "this virus touched all 120 countries in the world" (he must'nt know that there are 195 countries-not including his fantasy country of Nambia ). 

March 24, 2020- Trump said "I'd like to see our country open by Easter. It would be great to pack the churches."

March 31, 2020- Trump said "The impeachment took up too much of my time during Pandemic." (Watching it on tv). Again blaming it on the Democrats or anybody other than himself because as he says"nobody could do the job he's doing." He was impeached on December 19, 2019.

I could go on listing more of the idiocy coming out of Trump's "mind rally" briefings since March 24.

   * The insistence of using Hydroxycloriquine

   * The "tweets" to "liberate" different red states

   * Causing MAGA mobs to gather to protest common sense.

   * Suggesting ingesting or injecting disinfectants while somehow                 inserting a light up our butts. 

   * Boasting about how incredible the U.S. is doing while the rest of the      world is crumbling-after all, we are way out in front of everyone else      as far as number of confirmed cases and deaths - Trump promised        AMERICA FIRST

   * I am sure we also lead the world in number of kids in ca                                                              USA-USA-USA

With Trump at the helm we are like the Titanic. The richest will be survivors, as always. They will grab the most life preservers and the best places in the lifeboats that Trump can give. The rest of us are trying- we have strong intelligent public servants on our side whom we can trust to stop the "orange lunatic" from hitting the iceberg. It is ironic that the people most victimized by Trump's lies and corruption ar the ones who trusted him-they are the more extreme right wingers who harm themselves to prove loyalty to a "wannabe dictator."

In 2016 a failed, obsolete electoral college system put the worst possible, despicable human being in charge of our lives at the worst possible time in history and now the entire nation is paying the price for it. The most frightening reality is that a catastrophic possibility of a Trump re-election will sadly end America, as we know it. 

Finally, here's a quote from George Conway, former Republican and husband of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway:

 "Trump's lying, his self-regard, his self-soothing, his lack of empathy, his narcissistic rage, his contempt for norms, rules, laws facts and simple truths have all come home to roost. Now he sees his poll numbers fall and lashes out with ever increasing anger. For deep in his psyche he knows the truth. He fears being revealed as a fake or deranged. Because he fears losing he'll call others losers and while Trump's mind rolls in rage, too many Americans are losing their lives. That's the losing that matters to everyone but him." 



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