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                                                by Diana Steck

To me, PRO-LIFE means supporting ALL aspects of ALL Lives. It's not enough to merely encourage a child's birth while ignoring efforts to feed, clothe, educate, provide healthcare and protect that child throughout life. Since 2016, we've seen expanding anti-life policies including dismantling the Affordable Care Act and CHIP, cuts to nutritional programs for children and Medicaid. By dismantling environmental laws and ignoring climate catastrophes, the very existence of current and future generations is threatened. 1 in 7 children in the U.S. lack adequate food. Children born in the U.S. are 76% more likely to die before age 1 than infants born in 19 other similar wealthy democracies in the world. None of these policies can be considered pro-life!


On the other hand, simply being pro-birth is NOT enough! As a nation, we do little to help women facing unwanted pregnancies. Do we assist  with adoptions?  Offer childcare? Work to provide clean air and water for our children? Are we providing education or birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies? What about health care for our children? 1 in 7 children in the U.S. go to bed hungry! Children born in the U.S. are 76% more likely to die before age 1 than infants born in 19 similar wealthy democratic countries! We need to do more to support women and children!


Moral character is lacking when we vote with the single-minded approach of pro-birth. Pro-Life focuses on protecting the sanctity and value of every life. Choosing to give birth is a personal decision and should not be dictated by law. When voting, think about pro-life in a broader sense that truly protects not only the unborn, but all lives.


North Irwin Council Dems

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