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MAX Environmental Has Withdrawn Its Application For a Hazardous Waste Landfill!  




They plan on resubmitting their application and we need to stay vigilant!


In the first week of December, we sent out a notice about a Public Hearing for the MAX Environmental Hazardous Waste Dump in Yukon, Westmoreland County. We have learned of widespread health issues impacting the lives of the people living near the already existing waste dumps owned by MAX Environmental.


Some of us attended the hearing and learned important information that concerns ALL OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA:


  • MAX Environmental had applied to the DEP for a permit to dispose of HAZARDOUS WASTES in Yukon, Westmoreland County.


  • This landfill would have been the ONLY HAZARDOUS WASTE LANDFILL in PENNSYLVANIA. Had this application been approved and the landfill would have gone forward:


  • This landfill would be on the banks of Sewickley Creek, a tributary of the Youghiogheny River, a major drinking water source for thousands.


  • This landfill would be built over former coal mines which increases the risk of leaking and widespread contamination through mine aquifers.


  • This company currently operates a Residual Waste dump in Yukon that has a history of decades of environmental pollution. They have violated environmental laws over 300 times since 2008. In 2019, they were the single highest cause of toxic lead air pollution in Pennsylvania.


  • This company has discharged high levels of arsenic into Sewickley creek on numerous occasions.


  • Wastes accepted at the facility include hexavalent chromium, cyanide, arsenic, lead, benzene, radioactive wastes from fracking waste and more. These wastes can cause many health effects and lead to infertility, miscarriages, birth defects, cancers and more.


  • If this new landfill is allowed to be built, the risks to public health and the environment extend well beyond Yukon. Trucks carrying Hazardous chemicals will traverse through towns across PA putting many at risk. The air and water pollution will extend far and wide. ALL OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA IS AT RISK!


  • For decades, DEP has allowed this company to operate despite ongoing violations causing pollution and public health risks and harm. DEP has gone on record saying that the compliance history ( history of ongoing pollution) by MAX will not impact their decision regarding permission to build this hazardous waste site!


WE ALL need to be concerned! We all need to take ACTION!


Please continue to contact the following to object to the permitting of this Hazardous Waste DUMP:


1. Representative Eric Davanzo, 58th District:

    Phone: (724) 929-2655

   Address: 119 N. Water St. West Newton, PA 15089


Ask that he speak out to protect the health and environment of his constituents and all who live in Western Pennsylvania. Request that he DEMAND action to end the LEAD pollution from MAX Environmental and call upon DEP to DENY this HAZARDOUS WASTE LANDFILL.

Sadly, Representative Davanzo did not attend the recent public hearing to support his


2. Representative George Dunbar

Phone: (724) 744-0305


3. Senator Kim Ward:

Phone: (717) 787-6063



4. Attorney General Michelle Henry Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

 Phone: (570) 904-2643


Ask him to launch an investigation into the ongoing environmental crimes committed by MAX Environmental in Yukon. They have been the single highest source of lead borne air pollution in PA yet, they continue to operate and DEP has allowed them to operate with no air monitoring program in Yukon. MAX has had recurring high levels of arsenic pollution into Sewickley Creek through their discharge pipes. DEP has gone on record saying that the violation history will not impact the decision to site hazardous waste landfill #7. The people of Yukon and Western Pennsylvania deserve to have their public health and environment protected. Request that all permit decisions be placed on hold until a full investigation

of the environmental crimes by MAX be investigated.


5. Westmoreland County Commissioners:

  Sean Kertes, Chair

Phone: (724) 830-3103


Doug Chew, Vice-Chair

Phone: (724) 830-3103


Gina Cerilli Thrasher, Secretary

Phone: (724) 830-3121


Address: N. Main Street Suite 101 Greensburg, PA 15601

6.Write to the DEP:

MAX Environmental Technologies, Inc. Phase I Exclusionary Siting Criteria Application for Proposed Hazardous Waste Landfill No. 7 Yukon, South Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County


The DEP was accepting written comments until January 20, 2023. This time period has passed but please continue to write to the DEP and voice your opposition to: or by mail to: Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Team Leader, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Waste Management, 400 Waterfront Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15222.

DEP Public Information Meeting and Hearing Talking Points

1. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit

● The DEP did not renew the MAX NPDES permit for over 15 years (Issued in 2004, renewed in 2021). During that time, MAX was still operating on the same permit issued in 2004, under an Administrative Extension. NPDES permits renewals occur every 5 years. Will the proposed Landfill #7 be covered under the same NPDES permit? How will DEP ensure timely and adequate enforcement of the NPDES permit.

  ● NPDES permits require monitoring of many different water quality parameters and at several locations throughout a facility. MAX’s permit did not require monitoring of several important water quality parameters throughout the facility’s Outfall system.

  ● Through water quality monitoring completed by MWA prior to the renewal, DEP was notified that MAX was discharging high concentrations of Arsenic, a parameter that DEP did not require MAX to monitor. Was MAX discharging arsenic, unregulated, for the entire 15 years?

  ● The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC), a drinking water provider, completes routine water quality monitoring throughout the Yough Watershed. Chemicals / toxins associated with MAX’s discharge, specifically Molybdenum, have been appearing in MAWC’s water quality sampling results near the Mill Bell Rd covered bridge.

MAWC personnel indicated they were surprised to see the levels of this water quality parameter, noting that they had not seen levels like that before. Learn more at

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