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 Messages To Members of Congress and Government Officials

Message for May 16-22

Voter Suppression

Message to Westmoreland County Commissioners:

How do you justify your pay increase and in the same breath say the county does not have the funds for drop boxes in multiple locations. Many of your constituents have disabilities that makes it impossible for them to access the only location at the courthouse. You must ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to vote. 

Please include your name and your address.

Contact Information

Westmoreland County Commissioners

Address: 2 North Main Street, suite 101, Greensburg, PA 15601

Sean Kertes, Chair

Email: skertes@co.westmoreland.pa.us

Phone: (724)-830-3104

Doug Chew

Email: dchew@co.westmoreland.pa.us

Phone: (724) 830-3106

Gina Cerilli Thrasher

Email: gcerilli@co.westmoreland.pa.us