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One Message For April 5-11 
Message to Senators' Casey & Toomey:
Our right to vote is sacred to our nation manifested as part of our history. Women, minorities and young people have had to fight to secure this right. Each step has brought us closer to an inclusive and truly representative government. The frightening actions by some states to constrict this right has our country regressing and not progressing.
I urge you to support H.R.1, the "For the People Act 2021." The states have many rights, but when they try to disenfranchise the people, we must have the protection of the federal government. Since the Civil Rights Act has not been reinstated, discriminatory practices have been put in place by the states. With the propagation of the 2020 election lies, it has accelerated at a sickening pace. Citizen's voices should not be diminished by the state where they reside.
If people are gerrymandered into silence, if lack of voting access hurts poor and working  people, it will never be a government of the people. Extremes will continue to hold the middle hostage and increase the already tribalism rampant in our country.
The time has come to take a stand for our Nation, not just for party and power. Support the "For the People Act of 2021" to strengthen our voting rights and ensure the power is with the people.
Contact Information:
Senator Bob Casey
     Email: https://www.casey.senate.gov/contact/
     Address: 393 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington D.C.20510
     Phone: (202)224-6324
     Toll Free: (866)802-2833
Senator Pat Toomey
     Email: https://www.toomey.senate.gov/contact/email-senator-toomey
     Address: 248 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510
     Phone: (202)-224-4254
One Message for April 12-21
Message to Senator Kim Ward & Representative George Dunbar:
It is crucial that the multiple voter suppression bills proposed by our PA legislatures be defeated. The right to vote is fundamental to a democracy. Everyone should be able to participate in fair, easy, secure elections. Let's follow Kentucky's example; Republicans and Democrats came together and expanded ballot access while also strengthening election security. (Lawmaker's name), your vote will signal whether you are working for your constituents or for the wealthy few.
Senator Kim Ward
Phone: Harrisburg Office: (717) 787-6063
            Greensburg Office:(724)600-7008
Email : httsp://www.senatorward.com/contact-me/
Rep. George Dunbar:
Phone: Penn Township District Office (724) 744-0305
            North Huntingdon Office: (724) 863-1585
Email: https://www.pahouseformcenter.com/381/RepGeorgeDunbar/SecureContact
Address: 106 Ryan Office Building PO Box 202056 Harrisburg, PA 17120-2056

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