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 Senator Pat Toomey                                                 Senator Kim Ward                               Rep. George Dunbar

 Pittsburgh # 412-803-3501                                      Greensburg # 724-600-7002            North Huntingdon, PA 

 D.C.#202-224-4254                                                  Harrisburg # 717-787-6063                 #724-863-1585

 HHHH                                                                                                                                            Harrisburg# 717-260-6132

Senate Majority Leader                             

Senator Mitch McConnell                                        

  D.C. # 202-224-2541                                                


 Senator Bob Casey

 Pittsburgh # 412-803-7370

 D.C. #202-224-6324


Rep. Reschenthaler

D.C.# 202-225-2065

Greensburg # 724-219-4200









BELOW are our Weekly messages  


                          October 19-25

Message to Senators Casey & Toomey:

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and a recession, why would anyone take away from the poor to enhance the lifestyles of the rich? Is this not Robin Hood in reverse?

(Insert name/Toomey or Casey) I am sure you recall what medical-care status was before the ACA was passed and signed into law in 2010. Excuses for no coverage included a previous condition or even the fact the applicant was female. The Trump administration and thirteen Republican state attorney generals are set to argue on November tenth for a repeal of the ACA. If the Supreme Court upholds the Republican claim, 20 million individuals could lose health care plus expanded Medicaid would be affected. Your constituents don't want to go backwards. Let's move forward together!

October 26-November 1


Message to Senator Ward, Representative Dunbar:

Election Protection

I stand with Governor Wolfe and all democracy-defending Pennsylvanians and condemn HR 1032 as a Republican attack on the integrity of PA elections. The resolution undermines the authority of county commissioners to administer safe, secure and non-partisan elections. I believe HR 1032 was tabled because of national attention to it's audacity to circumvent fair elections. Pennsylvanians understand our election rights and are watching the GOP for malfeasance to undermine our elections. As our elected official, please stand with us to defend democracy and my rights to a free, fair and secure election.

In these critical times of neglect and abuse of power it is essential

that we notify our representatives about issues that are a great concern to us in staining our democracy.

Listed below are important weekly topics of current concerns. Representatives take notice when they receive multiple messages from their constituents on the same topic.

The sample messages for each week can be used as is, modified or you can create your own message on that topic but please focus on one topic.

For post cards and letters you must include your name and address for it to be read.

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