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Adamsburg Borough- Adamsburg Fire Hall

                        495 Edna Road, Adamsburg, PA


1st Ward- Irwin Manor

                100 Western Ave, Irwin PA 15642

2nd Ward- Irwin Public Works Building

                  1 First street, Irwin PA

3rd Ward-First Presbyterian Church

                617 Main Street, Irwin PA

4th Ward- First Presbyterian Church

                 617  Main Street, Irwin PA

5th Ward- Calvary Baptist Church

                   101  Caruthers Lane, Irwin PA

6th Ward-Calvary Baptist Church

                 101 Caruthers  Lane, Irwin PA

7th Ward- JB's Bright Beginnings

                 780 Brush  Hill Road, Irwin PA


  Borough Building Community Room

   44 Main Street Manor PA15665


New Location

***Ward 1-1 Westmoreland City Primitive Methodist Church

                     1246 5th Street, Westmoreland City PA 15642  

Ward 1-2 Shafton Fire Hall

               681 Jackson Ave  WestmorelandCity PA

Ward 1-3 Straw Pump Fire Hall

               130 N Thompson  Lane North Huntngdon

Ward 1-4 Sheridan Terrace Elementary School                       1219 Morris Ave North Huntingdon

Ward 2-1 Fairmont-Hahntown VFD

                Lower Level 890 Rose  Street North Huntingdon

Ward 2-2 Fairmont-Hahntown VFD

                street level 890 Rose  Street North Huntingdon

Ward 2-3 Norwin Alliance Church

               10585 Fairview Dr  North Huntingdon

Ward 3-1 Sunset Valley Elementary School

                11605 Dickens  Drive North Huntingdon

Ward 3-2  Lutheran Church Of Our Savior

                 1570 Clay Pike  North Huntingdon

Ward 4-1 Calvin Presbyterian Church

               260 Maus Drive  North Huntingdon

Ward 4-2 Christ Methodist Church

                2800 Coulterville Road, White Oak PA

Ward 4-3 Christ Methodist Church

                2800 Coulterville Road, White Oak, PA

Ward 4-4 Calvin Presbyterian Church

                260 Maus Drive, North Huntingdon PA

Ward 5-1  Penns Woods Civic Assn. 

                860 Colonial Manor Road Large Room

                 North Huntingdon PA

Ward 5-2 Penns Woods Civic Assn.,

                860 Colonial Manor Road Small Room

                 North Huntingdon PA

Ward 5-3 New Hope Presbyterian Church

                     12727 Lincoln  Way, North Huntingdon PA 

Ward 6-1 Sheridan Terrace Elementary School

               1218  Morris Avenue 

New Location

***Ward 6-2 Irwin Volunteer Fire Department

                     518 Western Avenue, Irwin PA 15642 

Ward 6-3 North Huntingdon Township Townhouse

                11279 Center Highway North Huntingdon PA                       15642

Ward 6-4 Circleville Fire Hall 129 Robbins Station  Road                   North Huntingdon PA 15642

Ward 7-1  Hartford Heights VFD

                14335 State Rte 30 Irwin PA


Ward 7-2 Ardara United Presbyterian Church                                   3380 Nehrig Hill Road Ardara PA 15615


Ward 7-3  Penns Woods Civic Association 860 Colonial                   Manor Road North Huntingdon PA 15642


Ward 7-4 Stewartsville Elementary School

               101 Carpenter Lane North Huntingdon                              PA 


***New Location

New Borough Town Hall Bldg. 21 Second Street

North Irwin PA



Ward 1-1 Grandview Fire Hall

               1655 Ridge Road Jeannette PA 15644

Ward 1-2 WCCC Murrysville Center

                6706 Mellon Road Export PA 15632

Ward 2-1 Warrior Center Field House

                3381 Rte 130 Harrison City PA 15636 

 Ward 2-2  St. Barbara Church, 111                                                      Raymaley Road

Ward 3-1 New VFD Social Bldg Colton Hall

               3100 Blocks Road Claridge PA 15623

Ward 3-2 Penn Township Municipal Building

                2001 Municipal Court Harrison City                 PA

Ward 3-3 New Life Presbyterian Church

                326 Raymaley Rd Harrison City PA

Ward 4-1 Comm United Methodist Church

                3487 Route 130 Irwin PA 15642

Ward 4-2 Comm United Methodist Church

                3487 Route 130 Irwin PA 15642

Ward 5-1 Level Green Lions Club Community                                      Building

                 123 Murrysville Road, Trafford PA 15085

Ward 5-2 Level Green Lions Club Community                                      Building

                123 Murrysville Road, Trafford PA

Ward 5-3 Level Green Lions Club Community 


                123 Murrysville Road, Trafford PA 


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