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Welcome To The Norwin Penn Trafford Area Democrats
We serve and represent Adamsburg, Harrison City, Irwin, Manor, North Huntingdon,
North Irwin, Penn Borough, Penn Township, and Trafford

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The Volunteers Of The Norwin Penn Trafford Area  Democrats Wish You A Safe And Happy Holiday Season!

*Our next Norwin Penn Trafford* Meeting Will Be On Thursday, January 11th, 6pm at the Norwin Public Library.


Accomplishments Of The Biden Administration

        * Rejoined Paris Climate Accords

         * Passed the Inflation Reduction Act

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 2020 Democratic Platform
Who We Are. What We Stand For.
Every four years the Democratic Party writes and adopts a new party platform at each Democratic National Convention. It outlines our shared Democratic values and policies.

Click Here for the link to download or view the Platform


The Volunteers of the Norwin Penn Trafford Area Democrats are a small grassroots organization that receives no outside funding. Please consider becoming a $6/month sustaining contributor to fund our efforts to promote the candidates that give us a voice! 

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 Definitions Of Common Words Used Incorrectly To Thwart Our Democracy: 
Woke: Aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues, especially issues of racial and social justice.
Socialist Programs: Examples are Medicare, Social Security, Our Military, Police Departments, agricultural subsidies, Public Education, Public Infrastructure (bridges and roads) and other government infrastructure programs to name a few. These are benefits that are part of our democracy and we all benefit from them in one way or another. 
Facism: a political movement that embraces far-right nationalism and the forceful suppression of any opposition, all overseen by an authoritarian government.

Communism: A political and economic ideology that positions itself in opposition to liberal democracy and capitalism, advocating instead for a classless system in which the means of production are owned communally and private property is nonexistent or severely curtailed.


below is letter of the week

for past letters that were written and sent to local publications for consideration 
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Writing Letters

Letter of the Week

Gun Violence...  

When Russia attacked and killed Ukrainians we acted by sending weapons and supplies. When Hamas attacked and killed Israelis we acted by sending weapons and supplies. When our own domestic terrorist or criminally insane kill Americans we act by sending thoughts and prayers. Why are we unable to act as forcefully at home as we do abroad?


We know we have a gun violence problem. This year, as of October 29, the U.S. has endured 565 mass shooting in only 298 days, almost 2 every day, and more than 35,000 Americans were killed by gun violence resulting in 118 gun deaths daily. More than one half of these deaths were suicides. Firearms are the leading cause of death in children, the majority of which occur in their homes. We know what reduces gun violence. It is not rocket science. We must have strong gun safety measures. The majority of Americans support gun safety laws. Your right to a gun does not trump my right to life. If your lawmaker votes for guns over life, VOTE THEM OUT.


We also need to address our inadequate mental health care. Poor mental health leads to an increase in violence, homelessness, substance abuse, inappropriate incarceration and suicide. We need more awareness, resources and facilities devoted to improving our mental health.  

                                                                Julia Bojalad

Community Meetings and Events

Region 6 Norwin/PT  Democrats

 Our next meeting will be  Thursday, January 11th, 6pm at the Norwin Public Library

Irwin Borough Meeting

Council Chamber 1 First Street, Irwin

Workshop Session

December 5

Agenda Meeting

December 13, 6pm-7pm

North Irwin Borough Meeting

November 14, 6pm-7pm

21 Second Street, North Irwin

Manor Borough Council

Manor Borough Council Meeting 

December 20, 7pm

Manor Borough Community Room

Norwin School Board Meeting

Reorganization Meeting

December 4 ,7pm

 Legislative Meeting


Norwin Middle School Cafeteria

10870 Mockingbird Drive,

For more information & to sign up to speak click on the link below: 

Penn Township Commissioners Meeting

Monthly Caucus Meeting

December 13, 7pm

Monthly Business Meeting

December 20, 7pm

Penn Township Municipal Building

2001 Municipal Court

Harrison City

Trafford Borough Council Meeting

December 5, 7pm

Manchester Room

414 Brinton Avenue, Trafford

NHT Commissioners Meeting

Special Meeting

Thursday, December 14  7pm

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, December 20

Westmoreland County Commissioners

Agenda Meeting

December 19, 10 am

Room #101

Public Meeting

Thursday, December 21, 10 am

Commissioners' Public Meeting Room

Courthouse Square

2 North Main Street, Greensburg, PA

Request to comment


Politician Greeting Children

Become a
Poll Worker

Make a difference in the Electoral process and ensure that every vote counts by being a poll worker.

We also need poll watchers to ensure every vote counts!

2022 ELECTION DAY IS November8

We need Poll workers!


Training Will Be Provided

Poll Worker application

Contact Us!

Our next Norwin Area Democrats Region 6 Meeting will be June 8. 

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