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Your voice and opinions are powerful. As a voter you enjoy more persuasive ability to influence a member of Congress than a lobbyist in Washington. It is not ONLY your right, but your duty to make contact with your legislatures. 

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How you can help our Grassroots Candidates WIN!

Our grassroots candidates have put themselves in the local hostile political arena. Now it is our turn to step up and step forward to support them. With our support we can help ensure voters hear their agenda and know the facts about what is at stake locally.


    *Canvass: We will provide training & support and you can canvass any area you wish 

    *Drivers: We need drivers to assist canvassers

    * Host a Meet & Greet

    * Work the polls on Election Day

If you can assist please email us at info@norwinareademocrats.org


Constitutional Corner

Orderly Transfer of Power

Since many of us may be separated from our high school history classes by a number of years, a short reference to the bedrock of our government, the Constitution, might be helpful. Incorrect and slanted material concerning the presidential election are circulating on television, talk shows, and in print. The demise of local newspapers helps to contribute to a lack of fact-checking on false or inflated material. So with the rise of the internet as a source of information, those who do not agree with the election results were set loose to challenge the results.

The Constitution sets forth the method for an orderly transfer of power after a presidential election. Article II of the Constitution details the method by which the president and vice-president are chosen. This system is a little understood process known as the Electoral College. After most presidential elections, the electoral college meets without much fanfare. Not the last one that met on January 6, day that has been seared in our memory. A final point of clarification: there is no reinstatement clause in the Constitution.

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            by Barbara Shrump


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Tuesday, November 2, is Election Day.

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Voter suppression is happening right here, right now. To  understand voter suppression, please learn more.

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What's in the Bill and how it will help the

 American People,

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Letter of the Week

For the People....

On this July 4th, it seems fitting to write about our "Rights" as derived from the Declaration of Independence. "That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the CONSENT of the governed", (Trib, 7/4/21). We the people decide the laws and rules of our government. Yet, our Pennsylvania legislature is working to deprive us of those rights. They continue to promote the Big Lie that our elections are not secure. Even though there is no evidence of voter fraud, they promote a remedy for a problem that does not exist. They have even convinced people there is a problem by repeating the lie over and over. They demean the thousands of Americans who work tirelessly to ensure our elections are safe and secure.

The reason for their effort is obvious. They want to take away our voting rights. That is why they are promoting gerrymandering and voter restriction. That is why they want voting rules in the hands of state legislators. They want election audits to be in their control. They want to throw out our votes and place a person in power that they, not we the people, choose.

Do not let them get away with their undemocratic effort to interfere in our election process. We do not want to go the way of Turkey, Hungary, and India by losing our rights and freedoms as a result of giving election control to state legislators. Let's not politicize our election process.

Our state legislators seem more interested in expanding their power than in. working for the good of their constituents.


                                                                                                          Mary Hoffford

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Make a difference in the Electoral process and ensure that every vote counts by being a Judge of Elections!

We also need poll workers to ensure every vote counts!




We also need poll workers to ensure every vote counts!

You will be provided training and given a stipend ($95-$130) for your time.

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