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Our Next Norwin/Penn Trafford Meeting will be October 13th, 6pm at the Norwin Public Library Community Room.

      VOTER ALERT   

Attention Voters In the New 12th Congressional District

The Republicans have put up a candidate for the newly formed 12th District that has the same name as the retiring (Dem) Rep. Mike Doyle! They have tried this before!!

Our Candidate is Summer Lee and she will work hard for the people in the 12th District. We need to get the word out that if our values are to be represented in Congress, WE NEED TO VOTE  FOR SUMMER LEE


Registration Deadline: October 24

Last day to request mail-in ballot Nov. 1

Recommended last day to mail ballot Nov. 1

Election Day Nov. 8 

Ballot must be received by the Board of Elections in Greensburg by Nov. 8

There are no drop boxes!

Go to Voter Information to check your status

Governor Wolf's Priorities for Pennsylvania

Governor Wolf has consistently protected the rights of Pennsylvanians and continues to help the middle-class. To learn how his actions have protected us Click Here

    President Biden Signs the CHIPS and Science Act 

The CHIPS Act aims to make the U.S. less dependent on semiconductor chips made in China and Taiwan. This bill will unlock hundreds of billions more in private sector semiconductor investment across the country, including production essential to national defense and critical sectors. This law will also ensure The United States maintains and advances its scientific and technological edge.  This bill was passed with bipartisan support.

To Learn more About the  Capitol Assault Hearings
Click Here



The Norwin Public library has served our community for 85 years. A group of shortsighted individuals have succeeded in getting a referendum on the November 8th ballot that would reduce funding to the library by 85%. This one mill is less than $3 per month per household and if funding is eliminated the services they now offer to all residents of our community would end. In fact, the library would not be able to survive.

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 

This Bill aims to curb inflation by reducing the deficit, lowering prescription drug prices, and invests in domestic energy production while promoting clean energy solutions.

  • Expands Medicare benefits

  • Lowers energy bills

  • Makes historic climate investment

  • Lowers health care costs

  • Creates manufacturing jobs Invests in disadvantaged communities

  • Closes tax loopholes used by the wealthy

  • Protects families and small business making $400,000 or less

For more details on this bill  Click Here

PA Senate Bill 106

Changing PA's Constitution

Our Republican-controlled legislature is ready to amend the state constitution to take away privacy protections for abortion and to undermine state election laws. The most egregious aspects of Senate Bill 106

  • A declaration that our state constitution does not grant "any other right relating to abortion." Republicans to ban all abortions in the state, potentially without exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

  • Constitutional amendments to state election law under SB 106 include voter ID requirements, election audits (at taxpayer expense), and eliminating the people's choice of our PA lieutenant governor. Election fraud in PA is rare (less than 0.00002% of votes cast). The proposed amendments are a Republican "solution" in search of a problem.

Constitutional Corner   


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Writing Letters

Letter of the Week

Taking Care of the Middle Class....

President Biden is deservedly receiving praise for his landmark bill, The Inflation Reduction Act, Trib., 8/17/22. From the historic climate change policy to the improvements in health care, to the minimum tax on large corporations and stepped-up IRS enforcements of wealthy individuals, this bill is a win for average Americans. Finally, after the Reagan, Bush, Trump tax cuts for Big Corporations and Big Money, which has left the top 1% of U.S. earners holding more wealth than all of the middle class, main street has a President that is putting the middle class ahead of the donor class.

The bill does not include everything that President Biden wanted, and that we need, but this is how democracy works. People compromise. We hammer out our differences to come to a consensus. But compromise is clearly lacking in the GOP. Not one Republican voted for this bill. Not one. This highlights the strangle-hold the party apparatus has over its members. Legislators

voted not for the good of their constituents but how they must, to stay in good grace with their political party which controls the money for campaigning.

Because of past GOP tax cuts, $50 trillion of wealth has transferred from middle America to the top 1%. If your legislator voted against the Inflation Reduction Act for Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy, VOTE THEM OUT.

                                                                                                   Gloria Gralewski

Community Meetings and Events

Region 6 Norwin/PT  Democrats

 Our next meeting will be  held at the Norwin Public Library October 13th, 6pm.

Irwin Borough Meeting

Workshop Meeting

October 4th, 6pm-7pm

Council Chamber 1 First Street, Irwin

Agenda Meeting

October 12th, 6pm-7pm


North Irwin Borough Meeting

October 11, 6pm-7pm

21 Second Street, North Irwin

***Manor Borough Council***

Manor Borough Meeting 

Wednesday, October 19,6pm

Manor Borough Community Room

Norwin School Board Meeting

Work Session  with Action

October 10th 7PM

Legislative Meeting

October 17th

7 pm

Norwin Middle School Cafeteria

10870 Mockingbird Drive,

For more information & to sign up to speak click on the link below:


Penn Township Commissioners Meeting

Caucus Meeting

Wednesday, October  12th, 7PM

Business Meeting

Wednesday, October 19th, 7PM

Penn Township Municipal Building

2001 Municipal Court

Harrison City

Trafford Borough Council Meeting

October 4th, 7PM

Manchester Room

414 Brinton Avenue, Trafford

NHT Commissioners Meeting

Special Meeting

Thursday, October 13th, 7PM

Regular Meeting

Wednesday. October 19th, 7PM

Westmoreland County Commissioners

 Public Meetings

Agenda Meeting

Thursday, October 20, 10AM

Commissioners' Public Meeting Room

Courthouse Square

2 North Main Street, Greensburg, PA

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Our next Norwin Area Democrats Region 6 Meeting will be October 13th 6pm Norwin Public Library 

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