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Welcome To The Norwin Penn Trafford Area Democrats
We serve and represent Adamsburg, Harrison City, Irwin, Manor, North Huntingdon,
North Irwin, Penn Borough, Penn Township, and Trafford

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Our Next Norwin Penn Trafford Area Democrats Meeting Will Be On June 8th 6PM

At The Norwin Public Library 


Cartoon of the Week

The 2020 Democratic Platform
Who We Are. What We Stand For.
Every four years the Democratic Party writes and adopts a new party platform at each Democratic National Convention. It outlines our shared Democratic values and policies.

Click Here for the link to download or view the Platform

Constitutional Corner   

Constitution Blocks Election Fraud

Should the Founding Fathers have recognized that challenges to the Constitution or election results might occur? Maybe, if they had anticipated that future citizens and elected officials would defy the will of the voters, they would include more specific wording. 

See Full ArticlanPast Articles

Our Next Norwin Penn Trafford Meeting will focus on the Primary Results and how a poor  Democratic turnout affects us all.
Come early for tea sandwiches and appetizers.

The Election Results Are In!
To View The Results Click Here

Our Democracy Depends On Citizen Involvement If It Is To Survive.
 The majority of qualified voters did not vote in the Primary leaving less than 30 percent of our voters in charge of who will  represent us.

Do not let a small group of people decide who represents you. Vote.
write to your Representatives and let them know what matters to you!

Click Here to go to  "Our Messages to Our Representatives" and let them know what matters to you.

Transgender Children
Understanding the Basics

Gender identity and expression are central to the way we see ourselves and how we interact with those around us.     

     It's who we are. 

To read a great article about gender terminology written by the Human Rights Campaign

Click Here.


below is letter of the week

for past letters that were written and sent to local publications for consideration 
Click Here

Writing Letters

Letter of the Week

Elected Officials Should Be Held To The Same Standards ...... 

If the average person lies on an employment application, they can get fired. If they lie under oath, about their taxes, to the police, or on a mortgage application, it is a criminal offense; they can be fined and face jail time. Why do we hold our elected officials to a lesser standard? President Lyndon Johnson lied and over 58,000 American soldiers died in the Vietnam war. President Bush lied, and 4,000 to 5,000 American soldiers died in the Iraq war with many more wounded or suffering from PTSD. In both Vietnam and Iraq untold civilian lives were lost. Former President Trump lied about Covid. It is estimated that 40% of the over one million U.S. deaths could have been prevented if Trump had been honest.


Unlike the average person, none of these Presidents have been held accountable for their lies. These deceptions had enormous consequences, far greater than fudging a mortgage application. There should be consequences commensurate to the damage of their lies. If lies cause pain and suffering or death to others, there should be accountability. Political dishonesty has become so pervasive; it has reached epic proportions and is tearing our country apart. People do not know what or who to believe. They have become angry and are lashing out at one another.


We must insist that our government and public servants act honestly and with integrity. They must be accountable for willful duplicity that causes harm. If it is a crime for us to lie to the government, then the same should be true when the government lies to us.

                                                                                         Michael Garing 

Community Meetings and Events

Region 6 Norwin/PT  Democrats

 Our next meeting will be  June 8, 6pm at the Norwin Public Library

Irwin Borough Meeting

Council Chamber 1 First Street, Irwin

Agenda Meeting

June 14, 6pm-7pm

North Irwin Borough Meeting

June 13, 6pm-7pm

21 Second Street, North Irwin

Manor Borough Council

Manor Borough Council Meeting 

Wednesday, June 21, 7pm

Manor Borough Community Room

Norwin School Board Meeting

 Legislative Meeting

June 5, 7pm

Norwin Middle School Cafeteria

10870 Mockingbird Drive,

For more information & to sign up to speak click on the link below: 

Penn Township Commissioners Meeting

Monthly Caucus Meeting

June 14, 7pm

Monthly Business Meeting

June 21, 7pm

Penn Township Municipal Building

2001 Municipal Court

Harrison City

Trafford Borough Council Meeting

June 13, 7pm

Manchester Room

414 Brinton Avenue, Trafford

NHT Commissioners Meeting

Special Meeting

June 15, 7pm

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, June 21, 7pm

Westmoreland County Commissioners

Agenda Meeting

Tuesday,  June 6, 11am

Room #101

Commissioners' Public Meeting

Thursday, June 8, 10 am

Commissioners' Public Meeting Room

Courthouse Square

2 North Main Street, Greensburg, PA

Request to comment


Politician Greeting Children

Become a
Poll Worker

Make a difference in the Electoral process and ensure that every vote counts by being a poll worker.

We also need poll watchers to ensure every vote counts!

2022 ELECTION DAY IS November8

We need Poll workers!


Training Will Be Provided

Poll Worker application

Contact Us!

Our next Norwin Area Democrats Region 6 Meeting will be June 8. 

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