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Welcome To The Norwin Area Democrats
We serve and represent Adamsburg, Harrison City, Irwin, Manor, North Huntingdon,
North Irwin, Penn Township, and Trafford

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Communication Focus Group

Your Voice and Opinions are powerful. As a voter you enjoy more persuasive ability to influence a member of Congress than a lobbyist in Washington, It is not ONLY your right, but your duty to make contact with your legislatures

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Constitutional Corner   

 Fake Reports

Erode Democracy

The presidential election was held November 3, 2020, and more than a year later, our fellow citizens still believe false results.

See Full Article and Past Articles

Covid-19 County Update

The CDC has given guidelines based on the number of positive cases in your county. To check on Westmoreland County Click Here.

On January 5 725 new cases were reported in a 24 hour period. 

for Ukraine

President Biden's Agenda

Infrastructure & Jobs Act

Passed with bipartisan support. How did your representatives vote?

Senator Bob Casey voted YES

Senator Pat Toomey voted NO

Representative Reschenthaler voted NO

What this Bill will do for Pennsylvanians

  • $11.3 billion for roads and highways and $1.6 billion for bridge repair and replacement

  • $2.8 billion for public transportation

  • replacement of the 160,000 lead service lines in Pennsylvania

  • $171 million to expand electric vehicle charging networks

  • Expand broadband internet

  • More than $3 billion for abandoned mine reclamation

What does this mean for you and your family?

The 2018 Report Card for Pennsylvania's infrastructure gave the Commonwealth an overall grade of C-, which reflects that PA has some of the worst roads and bridges in the country. This bill will help repair more than 3,300 structurally-deficient bridges and over 7,540 miles of highway in poor condition.

This bill will also expand broadband internet to the more than 390,000 Pennsylvanians who lack access-meaning more kids can do their homework and more families can stay connected.

Click on link below to learn more...



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for past letters that were written and sent to local publications for consideration 
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Writing Letters

Letter of the Week

We Will Never Know Just How Many Lives Were Lost....

We will never know just how many American lives were unnecessarily lost to Covid-19. What was gained by not acknowledging or addressing the scientific data and early warnings? Who benefited from spreading misinformation about mask wearing, how the virus is spread, calling it a hoax or just saying it was just going to disappear? The initial lack of response to this catastrophic pandemic will be felt for generations. Children who lost their parents, parents who buried their children, not to mention the far-reaching emotional and physical lasting- in-print that will follow people for the rest of their lives.

The fear, anger, and conspiracy theories that were instigated throughout the course of the pandemic (and continues to this day) gave fuel to the mistrust of what could have saved lives. What was gained to not lessen the loss of a million fellow Americans and how can you justify this? To the people who grieve the death of someone dear that might have been prevented had there been a plan at the onset of the pandemic, there is no justice.

If you do not want to look at the human loss, then look at the economic loss. The pandemic has greatly depressed our ability to lift ourselves out of the hole Covid has put most Americans in. It has resulted in a lower work force, product shortages, inflation and price gouging. Again, who is benefitting from this?

When history is written about this dark time on our nation, what will the take away be? How will the next generation deal with the consequences of how the pandemic was handled. 

                                                                                                       Katie Forsythe

Community Meetings

Region 6 Norwin Area Democrats

 Our next meeting will be May 12th 6pm at Norwin Public Library. Zoom will not be made available. Masks are strongly suggested.

Westmoreland County Election Board Meeting

"Special" Westmoreland County Meeting called in lieu of scheduled meeting listed below. 

Thursday,  May 12th, 10am

Commissioners' Meeting Room 

Westmoreland County Commissioners

 Public Meeting

Thursday, May 12, 10am

Commissioners'  Public Meeting  

 Commissioners' Meeting Room

Courthouse Square, Greensburg

NHT Commissioners Meeting

Special Meeting

Thursday, May 12, 7PM

Regular Meeting

Wednesday. May 18, 7PM

Irwin Borough Meeting

May 3, 6pm-7pm

Workshop Meeting

May 11, 6pm-7pm

Agenda Meeting

Council Chamber 1 First Street, Irwin 

North Irwin Borough Meeting

May 10, 6pm

21 Second Street, North Irwin

Manor Borough Council

Wednesday, May 16, 7pm

Manor Borough Community Room

Norwin School Board Meeting

May 9, 7pm Work Session with Action

May 16, 7pm

Legislative Meeting

May 23, 7pm

For more information & to sign up to speak click on the link below:


Penn Township Commissioners Meeting

 7PM May 11

Monthly Caucus Meeting

May 18

Monthly Business Meeting

Penn Township Municipal Building

2001 Municipal Court

Harrison City

Trafford Borough Council Meeting

May 3, 7PM

Manchester Room

414 Brinton Avenue, Trafford

Politician Greeting Children

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2022 Primary ELECTION DAY IS May 17

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Our next Norwin Area Democrats Region 6 Meeting will be April 14th at the Norwin Area Library community Room

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