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Some of the Accomplishments Of The Democrats and the Biden Administration

  1. Rejoin Paris Climate Accords

  2. American Rescue Plan that delivered direct relief to the American people

  3. 500 million Covid Vaccine Shots

  4. Nearly 11 million jobs have been created including 750,000 manufacturing jobs

  5. 5% GOP in first year

  6. Created US & EU Global Pledge to roll back emissions by 30% signed by 133 countries

  7. Plan with auto makers to make 50% of vehicles with zero emissions by 2030

  8. Invoked DPA to speed up production of solar panels, transformers, heat pumps, insulation fuel cells and speed production of EU batteries

  9.  Restored Clean Water Protections to streams, wetlands, and waterways

  10. Greatest and fastest economic recovery in US history

  11. Bipartisan infrastructure Bill (which Trump promised for 4 years!) 

  12. Expanded Affordable Care Act to 5 million new customers

  13. Nominated and confirmed historic rate of judges

  14. Nominated and confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court

  15. Largest increase of manufacturing jobs in 30 years

  16. The CHIPS and Science Act to invest in America

  17. Reinstate chemical excise tax to Superfund Cleanup

  18. Made Juneteenth a National Holiday

  19. Restored the Violence Against Women Act ( which was dropped by Trump)

  20. 3.5 unemployment-lowest jobless claims in 50 years

  21. Over 50 days straight of dropping gas prices

  22. Estimated $1.7 trillion for deficit reduction in 2nd year

  23. Lowest child poverty rate in history

  24. Allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices

  25. $380 billion investment in clean energy

  26. 30 billion support for Ukraine

  27. Passed Veterans Burn Pit Health Bill

  28. Killing Al Qaeda #1 Ayman Al-Zawahiri

  29. Implements Firearms & Safety Bill

  30. Capping insulin at $35/month

  31. Passed the Paycheck Protection Program

  32. Passed the Inflation Reduction Act

  33. Negotiated a deal that prevented default of debt limit

Republican Vote Tracker

0% voted for cheaper gas

0% voted for cheaper insulin

0% voted for Child Tax Credits

0% voted for Stimulus Checks

0% voted to end gerrymandering

0% voted for the Voting Rights Act

1% voted to fight domestic terrorism

4% voted for gun background checks

6 % voted for more baby formulas

13% voted to stop domestic violence

16% voted for veterans cancer care

23% voted for legal gay marriage

32% voted to uphold the 2020 election

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