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Ways To Volunteer....What You Can Do to Make Our Area Blue!

1. Canvass: We will provide training & support. You can choose                           the time and area you wish to canvass.


                       Ways to assist with canvassing:

                          *Drivers: Help canvassers reach hard to access                                              areas

                          * Door Knockers: You can choose your                                                            neighborhood. A list of voters with their                                              location will be provided.

                          * Data Entry: You can assist in writing voter                                                             responses

                          * Other ways to help: We need volunteers to put                                   packets together, provide water and snacks to                                   canvassers

2.  Phone banking: In your area too!

                             Contact Bob Recklein for training and                                 a list of voters in your district.                                           

3. Host A Meet & Greet For the Candidates

4. Help With Fundraising Events

5. Write postcards: From home or with a group. On your                                  time schedule.

5. Work the Polls on Election Day: Training available. 

                     We need Greeters, Watchers/Observers                             volunteers to track and call voters

To assist with canvassing, post cards contact us at

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