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Are Lobbyists and Their Corporate Clients the Real Deep State?

The John Birch Society, the MAGA of its day, referred to the Zionist Occupation Government to describe a secret Jewish cabal that control western governments.


Today Republicans talk about a “Deep State” cabal of unelected officials secretively pulling the strings of American government.


But are Washington lobbyists and their corporate clients the real Deep State?


Lobbyists have disguised their influence so well that it is barely visible even to savvy Washington insiders.[1] Decades of deregulation and the revolving door allows industry executives move into government policy position.


Trump had his Cabinet of billionaires like Betsy DeVoss. Billionaire Linda McMahon was picked for Small Business Administrator and billionaire Vincent Viola was selected as Secretary for the Army. ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson served as Secretary of State.


Citizen’s United legalized bribery of politicians by corporations and opened the door for virtually unlimited influence by corporations and right-wing lobbyists.


Since the beginning of 2024 top lobbying clients on the right include:[2] 

·        Americans for Prosperity

·        The Heritage Foundation

·        Opportunity Solutions Project

·        Association of Mature American Citizens

·        Jefferson Rising Fund


The common thread across these organizations is their anti-democratic policies that aim to return the US to some mythical past where Christian theology is the law of the land and where minorities and women know their place.


One needs to look no further than the Heritage Foundations’ Project 2025.[3] Constitutional checks and balances will be destroyed under a unitary president with nearly unlimited power.[4],[5],[6]


Corporations, far-right politicians, and judges will exert more control over nearly every aspect American’s lives. So called Christian values will replace the rule of law.


The Deep State will have come out of the closet of nightmares and into your home. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


[1] Franklin Foer, The Real ‘Deep State’ (2024)







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