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Federal Investments in Westmoreland County – Thank You Joe Biden, Bob Casey, and Summer Lee

Under Trump, every week was infrastructure week. But while Republicans promise, Democrats got things done!

So far, more than $282 million have been invested in Westmoreland County[1] thanks to Joe Biden, Bob Casey, and Summer Lee. Thanks to their leadership the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan has benefited all residents of Westmoreland County regardless of party affiliation.


Unfortunately, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler voted against the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,[2] and Inflation Reduction Act,[3] and the American Rescue Plan.[4] He cared more about politics than helping the people he is supposed to represent.


And although Reschenthaler voted against these bills and the Consolidated Appropriations Act,[5] he and state Republicans lead by State Senator Kim Ward have taken credit for federal investments in our communities.[6],[7],[8]

It takes a special kind of person to take credit for something they voted against. Hypocrite comes to mind.


Federal investments by the Biden Administration range from business expansion and sewer and stormwater infrastructure projects to funding volunteer fire departments, bridge and highway repairs, workforce development, community health clinics, county schools, municipalities, and transit.


Republicans promise. Democrats get things done!


Thanks President Biden, Senator Casey, and Representative Lee.










[Note PA EDGE Tax Credit Program depended on federal funds under Biden’s CHIPS and Science Act]

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